Stock up Cases

Looking to Stock up some Good Cases :slight_smile:

planning to get 200 of these

how good are these ? :wink:

Very good quality and the disc latch is soft and easy to use.

Supermedia has them for .19 ea.


[QUOTE=bean55;2009806]Supermedia has them for .19 ea.


these are same as rima ones ? :confused:

[QUOTE=achemen;2010095]these are same as rima ones ? :confused:[/QUOTE]

You’ll never know. I have both the Rima single-disc and 2-disc cases here, they are very good. They have no branding on them at all, except the number “501” on the single-disc model.

The supermediastore standard DVD cases are made of recycled materials and many user reports state they stink, some don’t work right out of the box, and they crack after a few open/close cycles. They also offer premium cases for a bit more that are made of virgin materials, so don’t stink or crack as easily. I’ve never ordered them because it often states somewhere in the product description that what they send you may be different than what is pictured…

I am very happy with the premium standard cases from rima (as linked above) because they only use one supplier (Infiniti - made in the USA) and the hub retention/release mechanism works more precisely and with less stress to the disc hub than even (IMHO) the almighty Amaray design. Excellent case!