Stock or modified firmware?

hello all…
i just bought a NEC 3540A and was wondering which is the best firmware if i want to burn dvd’s for home theaters and ps2 games? liggy’s modified fw or nec’s stock fw?

and also, which kind is better -r or +r for the ps2 and a sony hometheater as well?

thanks a lot!

any recommended media for this burner? i think i read verbatim is the most recommended here… is that good for me?

modified firmware is better, it have bitsetting. Verbatim and TDK are best media for burning.
use +r , you can set booktype to DVD-ROM for compatibility, but not with -r.

in this case, which modified firmware is it recommended for the nec 3540A? cause i saw in liggy’s site so many versions… don’t know which are experimental which are final versions…


None of the ND-3540 firmwares on our site are experimental. Any modified firmware will of course void your drive warranty.

use the latest, 1.W7. It work fine.

ok thanks… well maybe i just got confused… cause it said something about experimental firmware, under your own risk, something like that… but if it’s a final release i will give it a try…

thanks guys
1.W7 it is!

All our modified firmwares are somewhat experimental, but usually they shouldn’t damage your drive. :wink:

i am using the 1.w7 firmware for movies xbox and ps2 and it works fine with them all

should the modified firmware give better burns than stock firmware, less pif?