STOCK music and inserting a picture into a movie


Sorry I have a few questions!

Firstly if you have say a 200mb AVI as one file and you want to insert slides (INSIDE) the movie is this possible without breaking the movie up? What I mean is can the software do it automatically? I had an old version of you ulead and you had to manually cut the movie up where you wanted it to stop and the slide to begin then you had to paste the clip in again and start it from where it left off after the slide.

In Adobe Premeire you can insert a picture in as a layer over the top, but then the video is obviously not showing under the layer if that makes sense - You can also insert a pic inside the video clip but it DELETES/REPLACES some of the video frames, seems silly that you can’t just stick in a pic and the video pauses and carries off where it left off???

Do you know any software that can do this?

Last question…

If you want to add background music / presentation music to a video is there anywhere you can get a library of music? or stock music?? and it has to be FREE???

Thanks in advance :bow:

hi mzpresto,

i can help you with the background stock music. take a look on this both websites:

the music is great and its free of any performing rights organisation worldwide ( for example sacem, gema, prs, ascap … )