Stock firmware upgrade for the 4550@1.84

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i recently got my ND-4550A drive, and yesterday i tried for the first time to burn audio cds. for some reason the process was horribly slow - it took almost an hour to burn a cd although it said its burning @ X48. i tried several media types. every other type of burning works perfect - cd-r, dvd, and so on. only in audio the nero is turning so slow.
i thought a firmware upgrade could help. i checked my drive and it uses the 1.84 firmware ver. i want to update it to some no-risk stock fw, but all i could find were the 1.07 and the 1.08 versions, and none of them would let me run the upgrade - i get a “Target NEC ND-4550A is not found correctly.”, and the app closes. i think its because the 1.0X upgrades and set to upgrade FROM 1.06/1.07 and NOT from a 1.84 (which is apparently older). i dont want risking voiding my warrenty so i prefer using stock solutions and unmodified versions.

help please? :expressionless:

thankyouverymuch in advance

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1.84 firmware i believe is an IO-DATA OEM firmware, so you can’t use the official NEC flasher.
You can flash the drive using Binflash and the official NEC.EXE file of 1.07 or the later 1.08 though.

thank you for your speedy reply!

are you sure its an IO oem?
because this page sais its NEC if i am not mistaken:

i will however do what you suggested and keep you posted, thank you :slight_smile:

You bought the NEC 4550 drive with the 1.84 firmware on it? As far as I know the 1.84 version is a (old) version from NEC.