Stock CD player in car will not work!

I’m new to this site so i’m not exactly sure where I should post my question. So i’m just going to post it here, hopefully someone can help me.

I have a 2004 Cadillac Deville with a stock radio and Cd player. The radio works fine, but the cd player does not work. When I put a cd in, it says cd initializing and it never plays the cd. I’m just wondering if anyone knows how to possibly fix this problem, or knows how to take the cd player out properly. If any one can help me fix this or even give me there opinion it I would really appreciate it. Thank You.

Use Google and search, you should be able to easily find forums of users. I quickly found ones for my my car and two motorcycles.

Many public libraries have online auto repair manuals. I use ours all the time. That’s how I found out how to remove the factory radio from my Ford Ranger. I believe they’re published by Haynes.

a commercial CD?

a Burned CD?

an MP3-CD?

Most factory CD players are less than happy with CD-R’s
and very few play MP3-CD’s