Stock 2.15 fw better than 1.07V2B5DL on +R Verbatim Media

It seems that +R 4x Verbatim media (MCC 002) have better results with stock 2.15 firmware (2510) rather than 1.07V2B5DL from Herrie.
Here is 2 screenshots that I’ve made with LiteON 166S as a reader.
Can someone confirm if this happend also to other people?
The Verbatim 4x +R media comes in a jewelbox made in India and are Printable.

Have you tried testing discs with identical amount of data?

The writig strategy for +R media changed from 1.30h to 1.31f, so there is the possibility that they changed something for MCC 002.

Note that this is only true for the 166S drive. It doesn’t mean, that the scans show the same result on a Nu-Tech or a BenQ. Try to record a reading curve in CD-DVD Speed with a hacked firmware, that allows reading at higher speeds. If there are no significant slow-downs, both discs should be fine on many drives.


I’m unsure but I think to have read that the Herrie Fw uses MCC 003 (8x) write strategy on MCC 002 in all 3 kind of speeds (4x/6x/8x)
Anyway these are the reading curves on the LiteON 166S. The firmware is the modified version by Code65536 with the reading limit speed set to 14x max.
P.S: If I limit the reading speed to 10x both reading curves are pretty the same (perfect curves).

Send me an email or drop me a PM and I’ll send you a test version to see if we can improve something :slight_smile:

I’ve sent to you a PM :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I forgot about the strategy changes from Herrie… :o

Only at these higher speeds you can recognize the weakness of one of the discs, but there is nothing to worry about. Both discs should be fine on many drives and players.

But if there is room for improvements now, have fun testing! :slight_smile:

Yes, both discs are completely readable by standalone dvd player and dvd-rom reader (a DVD-Video disc is read at 1x CLV so no problem at all) :wink: but I’ve posted this message only to show this “differences” between 2 firmwares.

But if there is room for improvements now, have fun testing! :slight_smile:

Let’s see if we can improve the writing quality on this Verbatim :bigsmile: