Still Videos from VHS



I have dozens of family videos on VHS. Is there a way to take stills off the VHS?:confused:


If I had to do this, I would use a capture device of some sort (either an internal capture card or a usb based device) and make a copy of the video on the hard drive of my computer. Here is an example of a usb device designed for this purpose:

Usually, the device will come with software that will allow you to make still image captures from the video.

Or you can use a video player like VLC to get a single image from wherever you want in the video. Pause the video once you have it where you want, then click Video–>Snapshot.

Quality of VHS video is not great to begin with, and snapshots from them are not going to be high quality either, so you can’t expect anything that would rival what you can get from a camera, even a point and shoot camera.


[B]Thanks, I’ll give that a shot. I hope the quality isn’t to poor. But something will be better than nothing. Thanks again.:bow::clap:[/B]


I would give Kerry’s suggestions a try . With an addition. If you can buy a used SVHS player or Player/recorder it outputs at a better resolution.
Basically better in better out.
If you have a VHS player & a DVD standalone recorder you can try making a copy to DVD disc & play that in your computer . Then take a snap with VLC. See if the quality suits you.
If not try with a SVHS.
If you are still looking for better then get the capture devive.


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I have used Pinnacle Studio 12 to capture screen shots from VHS video which I have transferred to my pc with pretty good results. You won’t get great pictures, but you can get some decent ones.