Still unsure , 8x or 16x?

Ok newb here , i just got a new BenQ DW1620 16X and i am going to get some Blank media. After reading through all this info listed here at this site i am going to try Verbatim. and do the testing. I am thought unclear on what would be better 8x or 16x ? most people are saying stick with 8x but i just want to be clear. any help advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


Verbatim 16x DVD+R works quite well on that drive from all I’ve seen.

Well since you’ve got a BenQ and are determined to get the 16x Verbs - you can try each speed and see which you like. I’ll vote for either 8x or 12x. When you get finished ripping, shrinking, burning and scanning, you’ll find the savings of a few minutes not really worth the bother. Oh, also try to avoid a “full disc” burn - something less than 4.35GB (in MS explorer) - I like 4.29GB.

Iam using Verbatim 16X DVD-R on a NEC 3540a. Bought a pack of 25, burnt them all at 16x in nero with the data verification on and all discs are no greater than 4.34GB. All burnt and play back perfect. Took 11 mins with data verification.

I have used the Maxell and BenQ’s own 8X with my External 162I 16X Burner and have had no coasters.
I was told by BenQ’s s phone support that the burner also supported TDK, Sony, Verbatim and Imation.
Sony works well too. I have simply used what BenQ’s support has suggested and happened to have gotten a good buy on the Maxell’s at Staples and so I decided to purchase a large quantity of them and they are doing the job for me. (When I first bought the burner the only R+ media that the store had in a small package as i wanted to test the results was Kodak and that was a disaster.
I really like the burner and burn in DVD ROM per their Book Management exe. command that their support sent me via email and all my backups work in the 4 different standalone players in our family.
Just thought that I would add my experiences.