Still the same problem

I just reinstalled the new intel south/nrth bridge chipset drivers, and my drive can not recognize a DVD blank. Ive tried a DVD-R and DVD+R still no do…i think its rooted to the nth degree…
it was manufactured in jan 2005
argh pain in the ass…might reinstall tommorow

also, just tried a cd-r blnak…its works…does this mean the dvd lens is screwed?

Also just burnt a CD-R and did a nero cd-DVD drive test and it reads below 10X…what should i do to increase it?

If reinstalling Windows XP isn’t that big of a deal for you I’d probably reinstall it first before doing anything else. Put your drivers back in fresh and then something like Nero for instance. Once you do that then see if it’ll recognize DVD’s properly. If it doesn’t then it’s time to RMA the drive I’d say. :frowning:

funny…i burnt something in alcohol 1:1 and it read fine, however if something is burnt in clonedvd it is rooted…both are the same media DAXON AZ1. i think it may be dvd lens been picky bastard or my media is varying quality…
Reinstalling and we’ll find out.