Still some problems with version

I have audio - video synchronization problem with some films. I use anydvd + dvd decrypter to extract files in ifo mode and then I use AutoGK 2.09b to convert them in xvid format. All films affected are protected with Sony ArCooS.
Until now I had this issue with “Ladder 49” and “Resident Evil Apocalypse”.
With anydvd version the delay between video and audio was much more visible (about 3 minutes), with the latest version available ( things are improved: now the delay is about a second or half a second. So I think there is still some issues with the way the program replace unreadable areas of ARccOS protected discs with dummy sectors because it happens only with dvd protected by Sony anticopy technology.
The same entire procedure with “DVD Region+CSS free” in place of “AnyDVD” works without this problem.

Is there anyone that experienced the same problem?

Thanks in advance for your support

This is technically impossible. AnyDVD does not demultiplex Video/Audio.

Yes,but it replaces some sectors of the vobs when copy ArcooS protected dvds. Perhaps it also modifies the ifo file. Am I wrong?

And how do you explain that from version to the delay (that it produce only in ArcooS protected dvds) between audio and video is drastically diminished?

No, you are right. It must modify the .ifo files to make programs like CloneDVD work. But I can’t think of a reason, why this should alter Video/Audio offset.
Play the DVD with any player software on your PC with AnyDVD enabled, you will not see or hear any offset.

I don’t mean to be off topic here, but can someone tell me why I cannot find version of AnyDVD, the last one I got was and that was not that long ago. Please clarify if you can.

Thanks Ollie:
Will this be released soon? I usually see the beta versions on Afterdawn, is this a beta?

I experienced again the problem with an ArcooS protected movie, perhaps it’s necessary to disable some options in dvd decrypter to make it more compatible with anydvd. I don’t know how to resolve the problem. :frowning:

@ evil ryu,

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

Suggest just using AnyDVD to do your decryption copy protection removal. It is routinely updated to provide the latest decryption copy protection removal. In see that you are currently have problems with decryption copy protection removal it is strongly suggested to just use the best decryption copy protection removal software program available – the latest version of AnyDVD.

Using AnyDVD in conjunction with DVD Decrypter can cause conflicts if not used correctly. There is actually no advantage in using the AnyDVD-DVD Decryter combination. But if you believe using the AnyDVD-DVD Decryter combination somehow provides better decryption copy protection removal below is a Forum link that provides information on how to correctly configure DVD Decrypter to be used with ANYDVD. See Forum reference postings #5 and #8.

As stated above it is highly recommended to use the latest version of AnyDVD.

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As you can see from the first post I am using the latest version of anydvd. I need to use dvd decrypter because autoGK accept as input only what it produce in ifo mode.
Settings in dvd decrypter are those writen in tho topic that you linked.

I have been using this version and no problems with it. If some of you have problems reading disc maybe it would be wise to not only clean the dvd’s but maybe buy a good CD/DVD Cleaner for your drive their about $5 - $12 and they do a good job.

Double check your codec’s and make sure your only using 1 program at a time. Maybe your combonation with AnyDVD + DVD Decrypter is conflicting what I mean is use only AnyDVD & CloneDVD or use DVD Decrypter & CloneDVD why the need for 2 decrypter’s? they both do the same thing and AnyDVD is alot easier if you want my 2cents.

I don’t think you read bjkg’s post in it’s entirety and followed Olli’s advice from the link he provided in the post. Read the entire thread and that should help solve your problem.

Here’s the link: