Still problems

I’ve installed Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum and it worked (!?) just fine till i have rebooted the system and… now i’m back to the old problem. Acer product support center sent me an email with a link to the “new drivers” for winXP. The setup program crashes. I have also tried lots of ASPI replacers, CD burners with ASPI drivers included but… without succes.
Did I miss something?

Are there any other burnprograms installed at this time? Cause EZCD is known to show problems when other burnprogs like Nero of WOC are also installed! (not always that is!) Especially DirectCD can create allot of problems!
So what you can try is uninstall all burnprogs. Reïnstall you ASPI drivers (newest) then install 1 burnprog; WinOnCd/Nero/EZCD (what you like) and then see what happens!
Personally I would only use Nero & CloneCD but if you really want to use EZCD, then do it like this!