Still problems with Seinfeld German RC2 Season 4 Disc 4

Hi all,

even if the new AnyDVD version claims to get past the copy protections in Seinfeld Season 4 RC2, it doesn’t, at least not on Disc 4.

I was able to copy all files to my hard disc using AnyDVD, but DVD Shrink still gives an error message immediately on opening the files, and CloneDVD runs fine until about 80-90% of the work, then quits with the same old error message about invalid block start codes…

Is the only method really to use Vobblanker?



I’ve got the same problem, too. I even tried with Vobblanker like frisk described (process all; check vts3, then line 1 und blank it), but when i want to write the complete files from vobblanker on hd clonedvd gives me the same error message.

BTW: The backgroundinfos about “the old man” aren’t on the dvd, if you uncheck title 9 + 10, right? But what’s missing then, too!?


You have to disable titles 9+10

so there is no way that they can update AnyDVD to combat this movie without getting rid of titles 9+10??