Still Problems with Recode 2 and AnyDVD

Apparently the problem still exists with Nero Recode 2 and AnyDVD. I have the latest version of both.

With AnyDVD running I can open Recode 2, get the movie to show and edit. Once I try to analyze/encode though, it just sits there for awhile, no picture moving in the preview window and then an error shows that Recode 2 could not read it.

Doing this same thing using DVD Shrink instead and no problems whatsoever. If I take that same movie and decrypt it to hard drive first (with AnyDVD turned off), Recode has no problems with it.

This is a bummer. I thought this was supposed to be fixed by now.

I saw in another thread here about a known issue with Recode 2 and AnyDVD using two drives. I use two drives.

The post stated you have to use the burner as both the source and destination drive.

I tried it and it indeeds works that way. Just have to take that extra step of waiting for the encoding to finish and then take out the movie and pop a blank in.

I hope it gets fixed and works like DVD Shrink does (no problem using two drives).

Actually this issue has nothing to do with AnyDVD. If you tried to run a non-copy protected DVD through Recode 2 to burn (not using AnyDVD), the situation is the same. Can’t use two drives. Have to use the same drive to run though Recode 2 as the one that will be doing the burning.

Can’t figure out how the guy missed that since he’s the one who made DVD Shrink and Shrink handles two drives with no problems.

I backed up a couple dvd’s with two drives with no problem. maybe I’ve been luck so far.

hang on, are you guys really recoding straight from the dvd and then burning straight from recode?!

what are you smoking? jesus, do any of your dvd’s actually work?!

if you want flawless backup then rip to hard disk first, recode from there, write back to hard disk and then burn from there.

That’s got nothing to do with it. Doesn’t matter if you Recode straight for the DVD or the hard drive. The burner has to be the drive that is used both for the source (original DVD) and then the destination (blank to be burned).

I’ve heard this issue is only with Nero 7, even though the same version of Recode 2 is in Nero 6.

Hmmmm. I have no problems but I always rip the disc to the HD first, then process thru Recode to the HD & then burn to a DVD-R (using F: as the source & E: as my burner). That way I can verify at each stage. Yeah it takes a little bit of HD space (about 14GB per movie) but I have 60GB set aside to do this.

Yep, I have to use my burner as the source in Recode as well.

have any of you written to tech support on the issue? I mean we all know that Nero doesn’t give a crap about Recode, but if they know that a lot of people are dissatisfied with the program that might push them to make some updates (doubt it though)

Yes, I did write to Nero. They had no clue. Someone else wrote to Nero. They said use the burner as the reader. lol