Still Problems with Episodic Disks



I have had continuing problems with episodic disks. When I did a clean un/reinstall awhile back that helped with some, perhaps even most disks, but not all and now the problem is back virtually all the time. I can’t work with any of them. I just did the clean install again using the latest version and that didn’t help at all.

It appears to copy OK, but when I click for a particular episode, it just goes into a loop and ends up back on the main episode page of the menu, without playing any content. I does play OK on the computer (at least one that I tested), but not on my Denon or Panasonic desktop dvd players.

I never had problems until this year. I really like this product and would like to work out this problem, but it’s been months now and no solution in sight.



What mode are you using to make the copies?


Not sure. I tell it to burn right away as soon as it’s done griding away. Is it using Nero or it’s own burning software? Don’t know.


For that matter, I see no preferences or settings area with this software. you choose Custom, Split, Movie Only…whatever, and it takes over and does the rest. What “modes” are my options?


I meant which copy mode, as in Split, Customize, Customize Split etc. Customize Split is best for TV episode discs. All the settings for DVDFab can be accessed by clicking on the green checkmark in the upper right part of the DVDFab window. The symptom you are having is what happens if you select an episode that is on the other disc. If you are new to DVDFab, look through the Tutorial. There is a link in my sig or you can access it on the website.


If I do a customized split (how do I know which chapters are which episode?), does it retain the menus?


P.S. I never had a problem with this previously. I just used Split and all was good.


No problem, the customized split screen looks just like the custom one, so you can identify the different episodes. This worked just fine. I’ll have to try it on some especially problematic disks, but this should be the solution.

I can’t thank you enough! I’ve been struggling with this for months!


I always leave the menus on episodic TV discs to help keep it all straight. You can use the Preview screen to see which title is which episode, but if you have PathPlayer enabled the titles will be listed in playback order so you can just put the first 2 on disc 1, the next 2 (or the next 1 +the extras) on disc 2 etc.