Still problem with da vinci subs

using latest upgrade dvdfab platinum and still have same problem with the subtitles on region 2 da vinci. works perfectly on computer dvd player with appropriotly subs in correct place but when i play the backed up disc in my stand alone bush dvd player the subtitles vanish and can only be veiwed when full subtitles are on. please fengtao can you shead some light on this one.

Is the davinci code out on dvd-I thought it was due out in november??

it was released in the uk last week region 2

Don’t know whether this may help, it’s to do with the screen ratios on The Da Vinci Code, while watching my backup I noticed that the subtitles were both above & below the black bar. Read full thread and see if it can shed any light for you, follow link:

figures, US movie, released in other countries first…u folks lucky…can we blame this one on Bush?