Still not clear on the best music site with no monthly fee?

For someone who is willing to pay $1/song and only makes a CD every blue moon.?
I see some recommendations but think I see Azureus wants a monthly fee.
Thanks - pete

Azureus does not require a monthly fee… it is simply a Bit Torrent client and the music you download from others on this P2P may not be legal. Totally sounds like your being scammed on the subscription thingl - or getting confused with their request for donations…which, if you use it…you probably ought to toss a couple bucks their way on occasion…

For legal-ish music downloading…got to…

Though the recording industry is not pleased with it, I believe the Russia gov’t has declared it legit for the time being…so you might as well use it. They charge by the mb and offer a host of different formats and no DRM.

Here’s a basic review

And their website

Many thanks - I’m a neophyte. I’ll check out your allo deal.
I guess I’m a typical newbie - I go to and after putting in my email (step 1) get led to “membership options” (Step 2) - they are all pay options.
Thanks again - pete

The link to Azuerus: is a SCAM…don’t give them your money…you pay a subscription for a free service and what you are doing is still illegal… :eek:

BT is not a network either. Each torrent has it’s own tracker…so I don’t know where they get their statistics.

Oops, just watch out for spam as many of these scam sites will often ask for your E-mail as the first step before letting you know about pricing in order to collect E-mail addresses. redirects to, which was discussed about in this thread.

Before you join any subscription site, be sure to read this forum’s sticky first. If you are looking for a pay service, try to browse some albums before you enter any details. If can’t, then try downloading their software. If the site tries getting you to join without letting you browse their catalogue or download their software, then it is a scam, at least in every case I’ve encountered.

If this site is used by someone from uk does the money automatically transfer from $ to £ as i cant see anywhere on that site anything priced in £
Or maybe i am not looking correctly…

Allofmp3 looks great but the buggers keep telling me there’s a payment error. The CC is good and they won’t reply to my emails!! - thanks for your help - pete

Maybe I am a bit paranoid as I never heard of anyone having a problem with allofmp3… But since the CC doesn’t work anyway, why not try paypal? You can just put a little money in there and it goes a loooooong way at allofmp3.

I finally decided to give allofmp3 a try . . . looks pretty cool.