Still no PMP can play nero mp4?

Dear all

Now there are many PMP out there and claim to play MPEG4. But still not the nero mp4. What a disappointment. Nero is too slow… what they are doing??? I better switch back to Divx…



Nero Digital is industry standard MP4, so wide support is coming.
If you have PocketPC, try for example BetaPlayer:
It does not play AVC/H.264 yet though.

Also Nero ShowTime Mobile was announced at CES which brings playback support to a wide range of existing and upcoming personal devices.

“Claim to” is the correct wording. Many of those players CLAIM to play MPEG4 but in fact don’t support MPEG4 file format or MPEG4 Audio, and for example only can read the old AVI format. That’s not Nero’s fault…

Try DivX latest codec from

The thing rocks! Super fast and plays on my DivX devices.