Still need help Burning a DVD



OK. I tried several Programs. “VLC” was suggested, but it would not even allow me to download because I have no Password.
I tried Free Video’s DVD Burner. However, it asks me to make a file. If I make up a New Folder and give it a name, it takes me to the “Documents” page and will not accept the New Folder I created. I am using Windows Vista 32 Bit.
Are there any easy Programs that a person can use to Burn a DVD to my Hard Drive and then click on Burn after inserting a Blank DVD and click “Burn”?


ptfitzy, perhaps you’d like to clarify exactly what you are doing?

Are you starting with data, or are you trying to burn a dvd-video?

Do you need to convert a video file to dvd-video format before burning to a disk, or do you already have the Video_TS folder containing the .ifo, .bup and .vob files that are always found in dvd-video?

Or perhaps you are trying to copy a commercial dvd that you own? In that case you need to decrypt it, [B]rip[/B] it to the hard drive (ripping is the term for moving data from an optical disk to the hard drive), then possibly compress it to fit onto a single layer disk.

So, please explain what you are trying to do.


I’m just trying to Burn a DVD to my Hard Drive as I would a CD. Then make a copy of it. So far I am only using a DVD that has been copied before, so I know it should “Record” vs one that is a Commercial DVD in case it cannot be copied.


Ok, the phrase “burn a dvd to my hard drive” will only confuse people. If you are trying to copy a dvd to the hard drive, the correct term is rip.

Since this movie is not a commercial movie, and presumably has already been burned to a recordable dvd-r, all you need is a program called ImgBurn. It is free to download and use:

Follow this guide for making an ISO file on your hard drive from the existing dvd:

Once you have the ISO file (which will be a perfect copy of the dvd), follow this guide for burning the ISO file onto a new recordable dvd:

When using ImgBurn, I recommend setting your burning speed manually to 8x if you are using a desktop computer. Try 6x or 4x if you are using a laptop.


OK. I did it . Will I always use “Write Image to File Disc” when I want to make a copy of a DVD?
Also, will I always click on “Read” and then “Mode”?

There are 2 Boxes . One is “Add to write queue when done”, as well as “Batch Mode”. Do I leave those Blank?


You don’t have to do anything that isn’t outlined in the guides I showed you. Read mode in Imgburn takes information from the disk and puts it into an exact copy of that disk on the hard drive, in the form of an ISO file. Write mode is used to burn an ISO onto a disk.

Once you have the ISO file burned onto your new disk, you can delete it from the hard drive if you wish. Otherwise, you’ll just be taking up space.

This process will not work for any dvd that has encryption on it. If you need to know how to copy a commercial dvd that does have encryption, let me know and I can outline it for you.


Thanks a million for your Help. I may get back to you on the Encription.
I appreciate your time. I was going nuts over here.


I forgot to ask. Do I click on “Write files or Folders to Disc” when I put in a Blank Disc to record it?


If you are burning an ISO file, you click on [I]Write image file to disc[/I].

Clicking on [I]Write files/folders to disc[/I] will put you in Build mode. This doesn’t work for ISO files, but you can use this mode to put ordinary data onto a dvd disk. Look through some of the other guides there at forums for information on using ImgBurn.


Thanks a lot.


Burning DVD’s is not Rocket Science if you understand Files and Folders. You basically have a Video Folder with VOB Files, and the idea is to Stream these Files to watch the Movie. So a DVD File structure is built on Video Data. Understand this and Burning DVD’s will not be a mystery. :cool:


Thank you.