Still making Coasters with Nero

Hi Guys, Newbie here so excuse me if this is old ground, (Had a quick look for this subject but couldn’t see it.)

I am using Nero Express 6 updated from the Nero website, to make DVDs from Avi files and MPG files, I change to Book type DVD ROM for highest compatibility and I still create DVDs that run fine on my PC, BUT WILL NOT RUN ON EITHER MY Samsung or Panasonic Standalone player. (Sometimes it will work on one but not the other) Very rarely both.

I am also using Nero Recode to create copies of my DVDs with the same result.

From what i can tell it seems that most people blame this problem on Nero, But it also seems that Nero is the only package out there that can do, all it does. I.E. Copying AVI’s to DVD and creating DVD’s from Files etc etc. (Not so good if it doesn’t work properly)

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this problem or what is a better solution than Nero that can do all Nero does.

Thanks for any help guys

Try to use nero only to do conversions of avi in DVD.

After you get all files on your HD, try to burn with another software like DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn or with cd-dvd speed.

Select as output in nero an ISO file or a NRG file.

Anyway, what media do you use? And what burner do you have?

Media is always Verbatum, Very occasionally i use Datawrite Red for unimportant stuff and The burner is an Aopen DUW 1608/APR I have DVD decrypter and IMGBurn but not used it yet, is it any good then???

Try to use ImgBurn. It’s one of the best burning software. Remember to create an ISO file as output in nero.

Are your verbatim media branded “Pearl white”? If yes, get rid of them: they are bad media.

Moreover, do you have latest firmware for your burner?

Hi there again, Yup i have the latest firmware on my burner, (Ive had this problem for a while) and the Media is silver labelled,
I did actually think of burning to a img file first but going by the time it was taking i deceided not to.
But ill try it using IMGBURN and see what happens,

thanks very much for your help

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Let us know if this solve your problem