Still make coasters

I started my own CD coaster business now…:eek:

I still can’t get it. Please tell me what I’m missing here. I have Alcohol 120, I can’t get it to copy the CD I want to make a backup of. The CD has SafeDisk2.9 ver. on it. When I start to try to copy the CD all I get are errors. They just seem to go on forever.

I have set the " skip read error" and “fast skip error block” to enable. Nothing happens except errors.

What else can I do? What am I doing wrong? Can I copy the CD to my hd and the copy it to a CD and make it work. Or am I SOL??


the errors are normal and go on between 800 and around 10.000

Is that going to stop the CD from working properly??

Those errors are a part of the “protection”.Let your reader keep on reading them as usual until Alc tells you your done.As Hanfra stated they usually keep going on till ´bout 10.000.With your LiteOn CDRW 52/24/52
you should have a go with SD 2.9 or am I wrong here gang??
Also found this! /gs.

Thanks to all for the help and info!!!:bigsmile: