Still like my 160P6S

Even with all the new higher speed Liteys coming out, my 160P6S is still doing fine thank you. This scan is of an 8x burn from a batch of 16x Verb -Rs that my other burners hate. SmartBurn settings were at default.

For some reason the burner shows as a Sony DW-Q120A with PS0C f/w. But this was burned on the same burner it was scanned on.


This is normal for Sony-Liteon drives. So you could easily find out, what Sony drive is equivalent to your Liteon :D. Also, that information is only shown with DVD-R/-RW media.


Yeah I agree with you I still use my 160P6S more than I use the 20A1P or the 20A1S drives
that I have installed. The 160P6S drives are hard to beat on the burning of quality discs and
also on scanning them I trust it more than either of the other drives on quality scanning. The
20 series drives alway show huge blocks of PIF at the beginning of the discs and the 160P6S
always has a normal scan at the beginning of the disc I guess the 20 series drives are just way
to sensitive or something at the beginning of the disc. :wink:

Both of my 160P6S drives burn better than my 165P6S. Never could figure that out. :confused:

I absolutely love the 160p6s burners, I have one installed on my system and searched some local walmarts and found 3 more that i have stashed away on reserve, im thinkin happy burning for a long time…i burn and scan most everything at 4x…i dont mind the longer burn time when the quality of the burns turn out so well…

wobble, have you tried MSOP firmware for your 165P6S? I recently got a 165P6S which failed to burn creating coasters with original firmware using Ridata +R and both Verbatim +R and -R. I then updated to latest MSOR firmware which burned the Ridata and Verbatim -R but not +R, still creating coasters. Finally flash back to MSOP resulted in burning all media tried thus far. Note best results with all firmware was with SmartBurn disabled. I have no 160P6S and thus can’t compare to my 165P6S results.

Hi! these are the drives currently available in my area; SHW-1693S, SHW-160P6S, & LH18A1P.

I’m leaning towards the SHW-160PS, will it give me good results with cheap media? I currently have an NEC3500a (starting to act up) so I expect it be as good or better. I burn only at 4X usually.

ive had great results with the 160p6s…but don’t expect great burns when using “cheap” media, with any burner. Ty and Verbatims are the way to go.

Stay away from the SOHW-1693S, it’s really outdated.

Get the 6S or the A1 :slight_smile:
I think the 6S may be even the better choice because its quality is proven and there’s a lot of unofficial support.

thanks! I might go with the 160P6S since it’s a bit cheaper here and I don’t really need the 18x…

burning with good media and at 4x or 8x with the 160p6s have given me great results…seems to be worth a little extra burning time

ive had good luck with PS09 (stock) and PS0B firmware…

I have 2 of these burners in operation, one using stock and one using upgraded firmware and the results are almost identical

using smartburn and hypertuning has worked well too…the drive bitsetts so i use dvd+r media and bitsett to dvd-rom for dvd player compatibility


Good choice - my 160P6s is my burnin’ workhorse - and it does a consistantly good job - especially on my Verbatim 16x +R MCC004’s-eh! :iagree: :iagree:

Got one as well. Overall, I’m very pleased.
PS0B gets some spikes (100, kprobe2). I will try to use PS0A.
Currently, the door is faulty (sometimes needs 3-4 times to open).


Was able to find 2 replacement 160P6S’s this weekend-

They are [I]really[/I] hard to find now-eh!!

I have a 165H6S and I love it.
I also have Pio 112D and while it is not good as a scanner it is a better burner then any of the 3 Liteons i have owned. :iagree:


As you can see - I have both the 160P6S and the 165H6S - and IMO the 160P6S is far superior to the 165H6S-eh!!


DHL just delivered the two I ordered - and indeed - they are the 160P6S-04 Retail Boxed with additional white faceplate - manufactured in November 2005 - so they are the real deal - if you want to get a backup or new one - go to my post in the Bargain Basement here: Enjoy-eh! :iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile:

I’ve been wondering about that, since it’s been months
since Lite-On released a fw update.
Can you point me to the unofficial support? :bigsmile: