Still learning secure rom 4.8+

i am hoping someone will be able to direct me and help me understand this abit more. read through all threads that deal with this topic and still confused i have added a picture here to show you what im working with.

gothic2 original cds not available to me at this time.
the above picture shows cd1 of gothic2 with a bwi file
the other 3 cds have your basic bin/cue files to continue the installation. Daemon tools latest version was used to install with out any problem. After installation I clicked play game and it brought up the dameon tools error : dameon tools is locked unlock dameon tools and restart application" well after reading through all the info on it i am still abit lost. Because I dont have any ccd files its hard for me to use twinpeak. Is anyone knowing what I can do to make this game play?? Please save the smart remarks like " yeah go buy the original game like everyone else* comments for a later time as I am frustrated and tired of reading =) thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Your image also show that you downloaded it and as such “Thread Closed”.

And you should check Here and Here
P.S. yeah go buy the original game like everyone else :slight_smile: