Still impossible to write ISO to DVD with SDK 1.04?

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I’m trying to automate backing up a small external HD to DVD - everything is working nicely - zipping relevant directories using WinZIP commandline add-on, creating an ISO of the whole shebang using MKISOFS - the missing link is burning the stuff to DVD. This is the one remaining manual step where I have to use the Nero GUI in the morning after the rest completes at night.

Already tried to do that with an older version of NEROCMD some time ago and failed - it would insist on burning the 3GB ISO to CDRW, refusing to write to DVD+RW media.

I hoped that the newly released V 1.04 would correct his bug - apparently not - no luck with NEROCOM either, same bogus error message from VB. Any rationale why this isn’t getting fixed (I’ve seen it discussed here previously) ?

Am I maybe missing something ? I’m fluent in C/C++ as well, so if this limitation is limited (sic) to the NEROCMD / NEROCOM views of the API, let me know and I’ll delve into NEROAPI. Would hate to do it and see that message (yet!) again though.

Any pointers and suggestions gratefully accepted …


The reason for this behaviour is, that NeroAPI currently not support to burn ISO images to DVD.

I would suggest, that you don’t use MKISOFS to create an image first, but give the files directly to NeroCMD.

Thanks for a quick answer matze. Are there plans to support this in the future ? Nero itself is obviously able to write ISO to DVD, so I initially thought it was an oversight or small bug in NEROCMD.

The fact that this problem is still present in the newest SDK seems to indicate it is either hard to fix and takes more time, or will not be fixed for some reason (strategical / legal / marketing / whichever) or other. Knowing beforehand is helpful - would appreciate if you could elucidate this.

I’ll do as you suggest, but I’ll have to reinvent wheels that have already been invented / handled inside both Nero and MKISOFS.

Being able to automate CD/DVD burning tasks IMHO is a big advantage Nero has over the competition (the press also recognizes this in dotnetpro 3/04, for example). Ideally, there should be no differences between what can be done interactively, and what can be implemented programmatically - otherwise, as a programmer you can never be sure what tasks can be successfully automated, and which ones can’t because of arbitrary limitations of the API.


I too am very interested in having support using the Nero API/SDK to burn ISO images (DVD ISO format).

I am currently working on a tool to deploy the product software I am working with on bootable DVD using WinPE technology. I am using a tool that comes with WinPE (oscdimg.exe) to build a bootable ISO image and I currently manually use Nero to burn the ISO file to DVD. I want to automate this process.

If there are plans in the very near future to support this feature it would be very beneficial.

Does anyone know any other command line tools that can burn ISO files to DVD? I haven’t had much luck in my searching.



Are there plans to support this in the future ?

Yes. It will be integrated in the near future and the interface will be available with the next NeroSDK. However, you will then also need a recent Nero version installed.

Originally posted by matze
Yes. It will be integrated in the near future and the interface will be available with the next NeroSDK. However, you will then also need a recent Nero version installed.

Good news, matze - thanks for letting us know. Of course I’ll have a recent Nero version installed - I’ve been using it since shortly after the fall of the Roman empire (or so it seems) and until now, each new version was as rock solid as its predecessor.


Is there any news about when this feature will be integrated?

Will a new version be released soon?

Thanks for your help,

The next NeroSDK will probably be released in one or two weeks.


i´ve tried burning an image (image.iso) with nercom (ver: / nero api: on a DVD!!
result: the file (the image) was on the dvd
but not the files inside the image …

i used the command: --image image.iso
should i use " " ? -> --image “image.iso”

or is burning an image on DVD (still) not possible ??



i´m interested in the burn image dvd option also. but in the changelog I cannot find anyting about this option being enabled

1.04		- NeroAPI interface version including:
			- support for choosing encoding resolution (NTSC or PAL) of (S)VCD
			- support for virtual multisession
			- new nsdiMediaReadSupport member of NERO_SCSI_DEVICE_INFO
			- new flag NCITEF_DVDVIDEO_CMPT for NeroCreateIsoTrackEx
			- new user dialog DLG_MESSAGEBOX
			- new method NeroEstimateTrackSize
			- new method NeroWaitForDisc
			- new method NeroGetLastErrors
                        - new option to enable/disable overburning not only with NeroInit
                        - better support for HD-BURN media in NeroGetCDInfo
                        - new method NeroInitImageRecorder to set image file for packet writing
		- New SDK for the Nero Common Burning User Interface (NeroCBUI) included

1.05		- NeroAPI interface version including:
			- support for double layer media:
			  - new member ncdiLayer0MaxBlocks in struct NERO_CD_INFO
                          - new device option NERO_DEVICEOPTION_LAYERSWITCH to set the position
                            of the layer break. If not set, NeroAPI will automatically try to find
                            the best position. 
			    For DVD-Video, if flag NCITEF_DVDVIDEO_REALLOC is set,
			    NeroAPI will also adjust the video content to match the layer break.
			- support for setting media type for burning image files
		- NeroAPI SDK now supports Borland C++ Builder 6
		- New SDK for the NeroVision API, so that you can access the DVD, VCD and SVCD authoring
		  functionality of NeroVision Express 2.

Hmm, maybe you overlooked “support for setting media type for burning image files”?
Generally, there is now a new member nwiMediaType of struct NERO_WRITE_IMAGE, that should be set to MEDIA_DVD_ANY if you want to burn an ISO image to a DVD.