Still having trouble getting in

Why am I having so much trouble getting in to this forum on my other pc I’me asked for my password which is’ent recognized. On this pc I can get in with diffuculty I’ve been told that I’ve posted the same question twice and given a link which I click on and the page freezes up.I’ve asked this question previously but I cant find my question so just on the off chance that I can find my way back here could someone answer.THANKS

Whoe … dude! Your threads can be found here:

Don’t start anymore threads unless it’s a new subject … you’re gonna p*ss everyone off.

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@ I’me Spartacus,

Browsing Internet Forums is not that difficult endeavor. I suggest that you perform some serious system maintenance on your computer Internet browser before returning to the CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum because you are filling the CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum with numerous frivolous unnecessary postings.

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