Still having the same problem (Sony RDR GX360 - DVD recorder)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony RDR GX360 - DVD recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I cannot get my Sony recorder to accept a Ridata 8X DVD+RW once it has been erased and reformatted. I just says “Loading”, then “Disk Error” & then spits it out. If I put a new RW Disk in it automatically formats it and then is ready to record but not the used one. I have used Imgburn to do a full erase and format and DvdFab5 to write other files & music to this Disk and they all work fine on my computer and then I erase & reformat, all with the same result. I have tried all the programs at my disposal, ISOBuster,AnyDVD,DVDFlick,Paragon,Nero 7, & Free DVD and nothing seems to help. I’m really new at this and am trying to read everything I can but at my age (73) I fall asleep at the computer after awhile. I go through about fifteen 6 hour tapes a week and at that rate they wear out pretty quick which is why I thought I would try DVd. Any help or solutions will be greatly appreciated and thank you.


Ridata 8X DVD+RW is cheap media, I would suggest using RICOH media.

Thanks for your reply, I will follow your suggestion. After numerous attempts on this one Disk with the different programs, it now shows “RED” on a surface scan.