Still having SCSI problems



Thanks for your advice in the previous replies,I did what you said and the aspi checked out ok so after a few uninstalls and reinstalls,registry editing I decided to go and try Nero.This is where it gets strange,everything was detected correctly in Nero and I then went and burned all the MP3’s I had on my drive. Man was I happy! then the next morning I went to burn an asf file and found out that Nero did the same thing that Adaptec did,(no supported hardware),I tried using the wizard and making the compilation through the drag and drop windows and always the same results.When Nero and Adaptec scan the SCSI bus the only thing that shows up now is my scanner but the night before it found both!Here is a detail of my system if you don’t mind taking some time.PentiumIII 500 on an Asus p3b-f, Kouwell SCSI II card,IBM Ultrastar 18es hard drive,Ricoh,7060es,Creative 48x CD-ROM,HP SCSI scanner, Soundblaster Live value.the SCSI address’ are as follows:
ID 3= hard drive
ID 4=HPscanner
ID 7=Default to SCSI card
Another thing is no matter if the CD-RW is end terminated or not it always shows up in the device manager and in Windows.The drive letter assignment seems to be incorrect though,Before putting the CD-RW in the Creative CD-ROM was drive D, after it was set to drive E and the burner took D. I can readdress them in windows but it makes no difference.