Still having problems with GTA3

Urrrrrrrrrrrrgh…still can’t manage to back this game up. I use the SafeDisc 2 settings in CDMate and it does make and burn the images but it won’t install at all. Even tried a different drive and used the ‘Hide CDR-media’ feature in another program. No luck!!!

I used the settings in the CDMate games database but I can’t get it to work(I do have the original discs).

It’s driving me crazzzzzzzy!!

Any tips guys?


what brand of cd-rw drive do u have?

if u dont have one of the few drive that can do correct EFM encoding then it is not possible to make a perfect copy of gta3!!!

also i recommend u use CLONE CD for backup up games!!!

USE CLONECD !!! :wink: