Still haven't received my liscence key 3 hours later?

Hi there, I bought my liscence key this morning for anydvd and I keep checking my email but I haven’t received one from them with my liscence key. Is it normal to take a long time? I thought it would be instant. Thanks for any help


Not sure how long it takes but have you checked you “bulk”, “junk” or “spam” email folder?

If it’s web-based email (Hotmail, Yahoo etc), try looking in your Trash or Bulk folders, to see if it’s been marked as Spam :slight_smile:

Edit: Drat, too slow :bigsmile:

no, its outlook express and I don’t have a bulk or spam folder :frowning:

Does your ISP have web mail? What ISP do you have?

If you do have web mail log into it and check those folders.

Arachne: I can beat you “1” time :slight_smile:

Give it a little while longer, and if you still haven’t received anything, drop an email to them. :slight_smile:

LOL @ MegaDETH: I’m slow today :bigsmile:

Why didn’t you download it when you purchased it? That’s what I did, it is the webpage that comes up right after the purchase it page if I remember right. I used gmail so all went well there and still have the email. :smiley: