Still getting error 500

hi everyone
i have still a problem to create an iso file.
i use version and also i have used version
both versions the same error.
is there anyone with the same problem?.
by using imgburn i can create an iso file and burn it.
i wish for everyone a happy newyear!
this is what i get:
14:04:38: Analyzing of DVD started
14:04:39: Analyzing of DVD completed successfully
14:04:39: Copy process started
14:12:48: Copy process completed successfully
14:12:48: Create ISO process started
14:12:50: Task_2 failed! Error=500
14:12:51: Process failed!

Make sure your target partition supports large files. FAT32 only supports files up to 2GB in size, so if you want to write an ISO bigger than that, you’ll need to use NTFS.

Is there a reason why you are opening 3 month old threads :confused:

Why are you using outdate versions ? the latest is B a long way from

Jim look at the date of the post :doh: that is why I asked the question that I did above :rolleyes:

FYI I seem to remember fengtao saying to use split disc and it would rejoin the several ISOs.