Still clean SB learned media between spindles?

Following on from my Infiniti White thread and Surprised by Solidburn…is it still recommended when changing from one spindle to another of the same mediacode to clean the learned media setting of Solidburn? FYI…I’m using DW1650, BCIC firmware in an external enclosure.

Also, has anyone thought of any way of saving some of the learned settings before cleaning or would this only be possible with hacked firmware?

This is not possible bacause of the design of Nexperia chipset.
Once cleaned, learned media is gone for ever. :wink:

BTW, if you wanna learn some of the secrets of “learning” process, TraceSPTI can be a good start (link in my signature).

Thanks for the confirmation that it’s chipset based. I’ll have a proper look at that info later when I can get my head round it. :smiley:

I leave everything default. And I would never clean any media code that is learned unless the media code is known by default setting. Any unknown mid, I keep it intact unless I am flashing the firmware then I dont have a choice. You dont have to clean the learned MID unless you want to sacrifice 1 disc out of every spindle. Well, not really sacrificing, but the first disc would be bad after cleaning the MID off the SB