Still can't read data....:(

I had a problem reading CD-RWs with XP after I tried transfering files on CD-RW from Win98. XP can’t read it…all I see as files is the install file for UDF Reader. After I install it it doesn’t do anything! it STILL doesn’t show any files. The Win98 computer has DirectCD and Record Now. I tried installing the same version of DirectCD on the XP puter but nothing happened. I looked for a newer version of DirectCD downloaded it and still nothing happened. What’s going on!?! :(…Thanks

As you know, the stupid programmers at Micro$oft rushed through XP, leaving many bugs, worms, and other crap in the final product. I suggest that you must wait for an update on the Micro$oft webpage.

upgrade to Windows 2000 :stuck_out_tongue:
Or learn Linux (Im finding it really hard so far) :frowning:

Don’t know if it will work, but you could try InCD instead of DirectCD.

Or instead of single boot WindowsXP you can make a dual boot, both Windows98 and WindowsXP and try again under Windows98

yeah use InCD direct cd is no good