Still can't copy SD2 game

I have a Plextor 24x and Windows98SE and I can not copy SD2 games (Max Payne anyway) with CD Mate (I can use CloneCD and Blindwrite Suite however with no problem). This was an old problem with CD Mate and me and so I had uninstalled it a while ago waiting and hoping for a fix but after about a month I have tried it again and although it reports that it copied the image to my hard drive and then burned it to disk, when I try to use it it asks for the correct disk.

I have a lot of other software which includes CloneCd and Blindwrite Suite but I bought CD Mate and I was hoping it eventually would work for me. All of my other copying and burning software works fine and work together and that includes EZCD 5.0, Feurio, Click 'N Burn, CDWIN, Fireburner, MP CD Burner.:confused:

I used my 24x plex and clonecd to burn sims hotdate which has safedisc 2 protection , I made image to hard drive and then burnt to cd. The cd failed. I then used my plex 12x10x32 to read another image to the hard drive and wrote the image to cd using the 24x plex , this copy works fine . :smiley: Seems like the 12x plex reads better than the 24x when it comes to reading safedisc 2.

Hi kenl, i have been reading your posts in other forums and yes we are having difficulty with certain backups, which should hopefull very soon be resolved.

We dont mind if people point out what cd mate can and cant do as this will help us improve the software for our users.
We are working very hard on making it the software you would expect and if you dont like (or would like to see some other features) dont hesitate to ask and we will work on it!

Okay it is nice to hear that. I did buy it and at least if I know you haven’t passed on fixing it (the plextor 24x copying issue) and are still working on it then I will quietly await an anticipated fix. I don’t know how may people like me buy promising software to support companies (I have done this with Blindwrite Suite and many others) so their promising work can continue and it was frustratiung that after I sent my log and then made some noise in these sites that I did not even hear that it was a known issue and was being worked on.

Best of luck with this as your concept is excellent and I hope the finished product equals your expectations.:slight_smile:

Hi kenl
glad to see there are still some people around that “support” shareware :slight_smile:
This is a quote you may find interesting taken from our beta forum, havent tested it but you may want to try the new version of cd mate which came out on the 18th (

I just downloaded CD Mate and it has worked great so far as backingup is concerned. both sims hot date and sim themepark backedup fine. V2.1.1.27 wasn’t allowing a working backup of Sims-Hot Date, and hit and miss on Sims-Theme Park. I used the default settings in Cd Mate for SD2 and SD1 copy protection and both copies are perfect! Reading of the backup discs are just as fast as the originals when starting and installing the games, Cool! I’ve cut cds with Cd Mate that may allow playing or installing of a game, but not both, so I check both installation and playing of copies now. I used a plextor 24/10/40a firmware 1.02(read and write), the Ricoh 7060 still isn’t writing Hot date.

Thanks, I will try it.

Better make that version
Sorry premastering bug found so released a new update a few hours ago!

Well you seem on top of things, thanks.:slight_smile: