Still big problems with AnyDVD 1.5.x




since the update 1.5.x I’ve got big problems!

WindowsXP (SP1) doesn’t boot anymore - it goes back to reboot the system again and again.
It seems to be a driver (anydvd.sys) problem…

Without AnyDVD or with an older version (1.4.x) it runs well!

Obviously there’s a general problem with these new versions (3 updates in 4 days and many
discussions in this forum…)?!

In my case I’ve installed following DVD related software: CloneDVD, InstantCopy, DVDShrink,
DVD-Decrypter, Nero6.

Looking into the Windows System Management I find the following driver list (in order):


The AnyDVD.Sys is not installed here.

So what’s about your experiences?



just wondering …what are you trying to accomplish …i was wonder cause you are using so many programs ? I mean if your just copying dvds for backup purpose of your own then i have never used anything else but dvd shrink … version 2.3 …and nero express …so when i read yours i was kinda confused .,.on what you want ot accomplish …

i did have nero 6 but caused major system problems …booting and what not …

so I switch back to or