Sticky tray won't open

I had an HP DVD1070 and now a TSST TS-H653B that developed a problem with the tray not opening when the eject button is pushed. The HP finally died and the TSST is developing symptoms. It is intermittent - after 2-4 retries, the tray opens. It seems to be a mechanical problem; a motor or solenoid engages, bushes for about 3/4 sec and then stops trying. Is there a point of lubrication or wear that can be adjusted ? I am adept at dis-assembling and re-assembling hardware. The drives are mounted in a DELL XPS mini-tower that has a plastic face in front of the drives, with an extra door and button extension. I thought maybe the minimal extra load might be a cause, but removing the face did not make the problem lessen.

Sticky trays are often caused by dust/dirt buildup. Try cleaning the mechanism. I don’t know if your drive uses a belt drive, or gears, but both can benefit from cleaning. Sometimes the belt stretches over time, but it is difficult to find good replacements.

Let’s face it you are going to have to quit using the open tray as a cup holder. That milk and sticky soda pop stuff is causing it not to open as it should. LOL

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Kerry56, everything looks clean and dust free, the grease on the head rails is clean. I assumed that the trays are gear drive, but I’ll look closer. Thank you.

G_Ivan, your lame attempts at humor are neither funny or helpful. Try stand-up at your local dive, if you are old enough to get in. Your detailed description of your hardware (really, three systems?) take up more space than double posts.

The center of the motor spindle on the bottom is magnetic and is attracted to the “disc” on the top of the housing when the drive platform raises up to hold the disc. Make sure neither the metal spindle on the bottom or the top side is sticky to the touch. I had a drive where the tray would not open and that was the problem.

Otherwise, the belt could be slipping or the motor has lost drive torque. The latter is probably unlikely.

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Thanks Stereodude, I’ll dig deeper into it. I’ll post any resolution - may take a while.

There are usually also some pieces that slide perpendicular to the direction the tray opens that lock the tray closed and raise the spindle and optical head up. They move back when you jam a paperclip into the hole and push. They may need lubrication also.

If you try drive’s eject/load button with the lid off (drive powered, don’t put it on anything conductive so it doesn’t short out) you may be able to see what isn’t moving or what’s jamming (assuming the issue doesn’t go away).

I had this problem with more than one lite on drive.
It was a combination of the small & light duty belt with a cheap plastic pully.
These were for opening the drawer.
A cleaning of these helped for a while helped for a while .
I intended to order some belts & just replce them when the drawer began failing again. The drive failed before I did that .
I haven’t had the problem with the other brand drives I have.