Sticky Taiyo 8X -Rs?



I just received 2 50-pack spindles of Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-Rs from Supermediastore and they appear authentic. However, if you run your hand around the outside edges of the discs while they’re on the spindle, it feels slightly sticky/tacky. The outside edges of the discs don’t look smooth like on other blank DVDs that I own…rather, if you look really close at the edge, it looks like they have bumps (slight drips or oozing) that cry to be trimmed off! Is this normal for Taiyo? My other brand is Verbatim 8X -Rs and they are all smooth and are not tacky. Anyone?



TY is always like that.


Thanks for setting my mind at ease! Guess it’s time to burn instead of return! (couldn’t help the rhyme :wink:



So stickyness on DVD Media is supposed to be good? Sounds like a flaw to me.


It’s not really sticky like tape is sticky, they are just not smooth. Not all manufacturers use the same bonding process I guess. There is nothing flawed about Taiyo Yuden media, I assure you.


my fuji ty’s are sticky too :), at least you know they used plenty of glue :slight_smile:


I don’t know what the explaination is, but the side of a spindle feels tacky to the human fingers. However, if you take a tissue or a paper towel it slides right over the surface, so I don’t think you have to worry about wet glue.


I have heard it said (maybe even on this forum) that better media has an extra layer of glue or sealant around the outside rim, to keep moisture away from the reflective surface and dye layer inside the plastic.

I believe I’ve got some TY CD-Rs that are like this; it’s not sticky like glue or tape, it’s really more an unexpected grippiness, like the surface of silicone caulk or rubber.


Hi, I’m new to using TY media. I got 100 (in 2 50-disc cakeboxes) sticky 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs from Supermediastore too. What’s more the inner rim is not matte but transparent. Worse, there was no ring or anything to protect the discs inside their cakeboxes so the discs slid back and forth along the spindle during shipping.

Are these real or has TY started making transparent inner rings? Have TY’s always been sticky on the outside?

Supermedia allegedly sells B-grade TYs but I thought that was for 4x in tapewrap, not 8x cakeboxes. I’m starting to think that I need to buy from Rima in the future.



TY DVD-Rs do not have the typical frosted inner ring of TY CD-Rs. (At least my Fujifilm-branded TYG02s do not.)

TYG02 should have a GGxxxxxx code in the inner ring (at the start of the dye area) if they are authentic.


They have GGs, but are your discs sticky on the outer rim too?


These sticky disk are indeed defective and you all should send them to me ASAP so you do not cause damage to your drives. lol “JUST KIDDING FOLKS” All TY disk have this sealant on the outer edge(at least the thousand or so I have used). I believe that TY is more worried about the quality of the die then the cosmetic looks or feel of the outer edge.

Burn em up, they will make more.


Thanks cranky and reptile! :slight_smile: I was worried because those bumpy edges looked like they could conceivably de-center the disc during rotation if they weren’t symmetrical.


I bought some sony 8x dvd-r (SONY08D1) and they had sticky sides too. Center rim had DRMxxxxxxx on it. Not sure on the quality but just thought I’d add.


My Verbatim 8x +Rs (TY02) have exactly the same rough edges. But what the heck, my LiteOn SOHW 1693S likes 'em plenty. :bigsmile:


I noticed the stickyness as well - nothing to be concerned about - yes the +Rs I use have bumps too - I did order some Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs too and those were PERFECT, the edge was smooth not a single bump.

As far as the cakebox, my Taiyo Yuden +Rs arrive in tapewrap - they are extremely well protected so it’s impossible for them to move during shipping. I usually take the tapewrapped piece and put it inside an empty cakebox and cut the tape… I have not had a single scratched or dusty disc.

Are these real or has TY started making transparent inner rings? Have TY’s always been sticky on the outside?

Yes that sucks - When you look at the white surface it looks like a non hub printable - you see that darker shade in the middle… I have learned to live with it - As to why those [BEEEP] decided not to slap in a white ring the otherside beats me - I guess to save a penny :slight_smile:


SONY DRM :wink: How ironic :slight_smile:

I’d avoid ANYTHING Sony like avian flu infested chickens :slight_smile:

That is my opinion based on Sony’s latest attempt at screwing people over with their rootkits and rogue uninstaller that puts more crap on your PC :slight_smile:


haahah…i was thinking the same thing. But what the heck is it doing on a DVD-R?

Oh i read that sony is now recalling those cds back because it might mean a complete downfall…haha.


PLenty of glue still doesn’t mean good bonding inTY case. Still ritek has probally the roughest looking sides and there disc’s don’t have the bonding issues some TY media has.

Take a look at this befor saying TY is so good.

I personally wouldn’t recommend these for longtime storrage.

Also I think I should put another great FUJI TY disc up here.Which contains some very weird air behaviour.

THis bonding problems is related, To branded and unbranded TY, To +R and -R.

I know TY was supposed to be the disc when it comes to quality but with the current bonding issues I prefer personally to leave this alone.
Not all batches are like this I know, but still way to much for my taste (Allmost a 25% fall out rate !)
Yeah maybe I’m unlucky but seeing the different brands and versions I would say that it’s a problem which no one is looking at.


That sticky thing is totally normal.