Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!



I can’t keep up with Epson and HP models in the US! And it’s terrible that printer websites often give me “0 Results found for search CD PRINTING”. Sheesh - you’d think a website would use a Feature as part of their Searchables!

Here’s the Canon Pixma MG5350 from A.DE. I found this only by Looks, though - I was looking for a ‘shape’ of the printer similar to Epson’s and, sure enough, this one handles direct-on-disk printing.

However, this one has a Feed Tray inserted ‘long ways’, not sideways. This means an additional 10cm of space may be needed ‘in back’ of the printer.

(If you find the German phrase for “direct on CD” or “Direct on Disk” printing, let me know. I forget these phrases between French, German, Dutch, Italian and it takes me time to re-locate these phrases for any vendor.)


so the translation could be ‘Direktdruck auf Discs’ or ‘Direktes Bedrucken von CD/DVD’.


Bler, thanks for this!

[I][B]Direktes Bedrucken[/B][/I] <- that’s the phrase I’d heard and kept forgetting!

I can use those phrases for SEARCHs next time. Our only German customers are film-and-TV production houses, using our software but they get their own hardware. If they’d ever ask, though, we’d be at a loss for quick possibilities.