Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!



The topic title has it’s purpose, without doubt.


While DVD labels do look nice, all of my labeled DVD backups do not work at all. I strongly encourage people not to use paper labels as mentioned above. I did however peel off one of my labels with a hair dryer and a lot of patience, and tried it in my DVD player and it worked better than it did before, but not flawlessly since I think the removal process gummed the DVD up a bit. Specifically I used the cheap Memorex 3-in-one label kit that claims that it will work for CD/DVD, but obviously it doesn’t. I recently saw in a Best Buy that Memorex has labels “guaranteed” to work for DVD’s. Why then would they sell you CD/DVD labels for cheap if they are not guaranteed? I guess anything for a buck.


I applied hundreds of Avery labels to Verbatim CD-R discs back in the day and none of the discs became unreadble. (A couple of my unlabeled CMC discs went bad, though.)


I think this thread is primarily to warn about sticky lables on DVDRs, not on CDRs… :wink:


Santa is right ;)…however, my bad experiences with labels on CDRs led me never to put a single label on any of my DVDRs :slight_smile:


Exactly the same for me! :iagree:

After reburning close to 50 CDs that had paper labels on them and were very difficult to read, I learned my lesson and have not tried recreating the experience with DVDs!


A label with a specially treated surface has been patented. This allows the label to be written on with permanent markers or ball point pens, and eradicated up to 1000 times by the simple use of an ordinary eraser. Does not harm the media and is a clever answer in my opinion.


Do you have any links to more information about this?


Okay, I am very new to this forum and to finding out why my DVD’s don’t always play.
I have used and still use Paper labels on my CD’s and DVD’s. Now I am seeing that the general consensus is that they are bad for the disks. Is there an alternative?? I guess I am “anal” when it comes to labeling my DVD’s, I like to have colorful labels that remind me what the movie is about. I have tried TDK’s “PrintOn” DVD+R’s only to have 99% of them fail as a result to what TDK claims is “A bad run of DVD’s”.
So, here is where I am stuck…if using labels is bad and PrintOn DVD’s are no good, then how can I continue to make nice looking disks??


Verbatim Printable discs and a printer capable of printing on discs (Epson and Canon both make them). :slight_smile:

Loads of info in the CD & DVD Printers and Labelling Forum :slight_smile:


Thanks. I DO have an Epson R200 (actually 2 of them) and I LOVE the printable nature of the unit. But, since my experience with TDK’s PrintOn DVD’s, I became a bit “gun shy” in trying any other brands of printable DVD’s. I just ordered (from some of Taiyo Yuden’s printable media, just to see how that will work.
I DO have to say, after discovering all of these forum’s, you guys are extremely knowledgable on all of this!!
Thanks for all the great info!!


Anytime, and good luck with the TYs! :slight_smile:


I did a couple of scans a wee while ago on this topic

Scans attached below are in order of:

Without label
With label
With label 18/08/06

Would have done a scan on the same machine but by BenQ 1620 has died so just did a scan on my Plextor 760. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with paper labels warping discs over time.


I still using paper label (the white/yellow thingy)… from my personal experience, disc that I’be burn 2 years ago still readable…and I’m plan to move to HD-DVD/Blue-ray within the next 2 years anyway. Also my primary burner is a slim type laptop 8x one which burn at very low rpm :)… within the next 2 years there is greater chance that my hard drive will fail than the chance that my disc will become unreadable anyway :wink:


Whoa. I had no idea that paper labels would cause so much trouble on a DVD-R. Good thing I have only put paper labels on 3 so far.

I would love to invest in an Epson or Canon CD/DVD printer though. I’ve used Microboards equipment before and thought the quality of the printed label was great.

Thanks for the info guys.


I sticky labelled all my DVDR

Eventually the DVDs could not be read.

Placed each DVD upside down in a plate of water for a few hours

Removed the labels

Surface scanned and reburnt to Printable dvdr


Man I feel like an idiot, the one time I don’t check the site for something as “trivial” as a paper label.
Just finished putting the last labels on about 30 DVD-/+R’s for my dad.


I will have to go against common consensus on this one (knock on wood).

I have “Neato” brand labels on [B]several hundred [/B] DVD’s, many of which are several years old, and so far I have had [B]no[/B] Ill effects that I can tell.

I have not done quality scans or anything, but I have yet to come across one that was bad [B]after[/B] the label was applied, I did have coasters on some before the labels were applied, but that was before I came here and learned about “Quality Media”

I have had problems where I cannot put labels on CD’s for my vehicle because it makes them too thick to get sucked into the player, but on my Home CD players, they are no problem either…I guess time will tell though, maybe they won’t last as long as they would have without the labels :confused: ???


If those labels are working for you, then that’s good for you! :slight_smile:

The common consensus isn’t that it will always cause problems, but rather that it causes problems so frequently that people should beware of using paper labels.

Paper labels have often enough been proven as the cause of unreadable or problematic DVDs and the problems have gone away after removing the label (which should only be attempted for DVDs - not for CDs).


I’ve removed labels from problematic CDs. I soaked them in isopropyl alcohol and the labels came off easily.