Sticky eject tray mechanism, Lite-On LH-20A1P/A_DH-20A4P

I have determined with my drive that the “stuck” tray has nothing to do with friction between the sliding tray and the drive casing components.

After the tray closes some type of mechanism locks the tray closed.
Before opening, either by pressing the eject button or via software, this lock is dis-engaged–then the tray is able to slide open.
With my drive, this locking mechanism is what cannot be disengaged. (Unless the pin in the eject hole is used.)

I tested by removing the face plate from the tray. I drilled a small hole in the center of the face plate and threaded a small screw slightly to serve as a handle to pull the tray out. I then replaced the faceplate on the tray and tried:

  1. Pressing the eject button and pulling on the “handle” to help the tray eject.,
  2. Repeating using software eject and pulling on the “handle.”

Regardless of how hard I pulled while the green light was activated to eject I could not get the tray to open. So it is not friction on the rails or elsewhere that is sticking the tray.
The only way to open the tray without damage is to use the pinhole method.
Regardless I will continue using it till it cannot read, scan or write discs.:slight_smile:

uSerKey ,

Since this is not my thread, I will butt out with my problem as it seems to be different than your issue. I am definitely having problems with goo on the spindle which sticks to the CD and overloads the tray open motor so that it will not open the tray from the closed/locked position. My Lite-On SOHD-167T has a direct drive tray open motor with no drive belts involved so it is not a problem of loose or slipping belts. BTW, Lite-On support is not helping at all. They are telling me it is a firmware problem and that I should contact Gateway at it is their firmware that is loaded.

I have just a quick question for you: Is your spindle clean with no sticky substance on it? Please let me know, thanks, Bruce

I have just a quick question for you: Is your spindle clean with no sticky substance on it? Please let me know, thanks, Bruce

The interior of my drive is clean, there is no sticky substance anywhere inside that I am aware of.

I will try on my HP (Lite-on ATAPI DVD A DH16AYH w/YH33 firmware (stock is YH32))

We have solved our problem with the 20 Gateway lab PCs. We have cleaned off all the sticky goo from the data side of our CDs. And we plan on never leaving a CD in the drive for more than just one day. At the end of each lab day, we will remove any CD from the drive - thus not building up any more of the sticky goo from the deteriorating spindle. We had been leaving a CD in each drive for weeks on end.