STICKERS ON DVD`S ! to stick or not to stick



hello all,
Ive just got into the dvd backup game, and was talking to an old hand who told me he doesnt put stickers on dvds as he thinks it unbalances them and they freeze in certain players.
does anyone know if this is true or not, stickered dvds dont seem to have any ill effect in my dvd player. i know you can put stickers on cds fine but is this not the case for dvds ?
thanks for any help, this seems to be the best place to ask!!


Labeling media with stick-on labels is a bad idea.
Read more here.


Stickers on optical media (including CDs) CAN unbalance that drive. There is also the risk that one may peel off during operation and wreck the drive.


There are a lot of does and dont regarging this subject i know but i label all my DVD back ups and have never had a problem so far so i say each to his/her own :iagree:


It works fine for many people, just watch out in case one is loose (ie peeling).

Still I would not recommend them. I recommend a CD Printer instead (if you can afford one).


i am allmost sure i saw a thred about coverting an Epson 640 into a disk printer some where on the forum not to sure when :bigsmile:


I have experienced pauses and glitches after 30-45 min with my stickered DVD’s. The DVD player seems to run rather hot and may be causing the glue to expand. However if I burn my DVD’s at 2X rather then 4X I don’t seem to have the same problem.

I’ve really gotten into making elaborate DVD labels and would hate to just write the titles on with a marker. I use RITEK DRD-47-4X-RDSM media but am considering trying the slightly more expensive +R version, that may work better.


I would still recommend getting a CD/DVD printer.


Anyone that is thinking that labels on media is a good idea would be advised to test their disc’s for errors with Kprobe before and after applying the labels and see for yourself the damage. That’s just short term though. It would also be advisable to jump forward a year or more into the future and see yourself banging your head against a desk because your labels have started peeling causing all sorts of problems and/or the drive that has been reading these unbalanced discs at high RPM’s suddenly bursts into flames (or to be less dramatic dies) and/or the data becomes totally unusable… etc etc etc. I think you get the point.

Stick on labels are a bad idea, if anyone can come forward with any information to the contrary other than “they look pretty!” I would be more then happy to hear it. :wink:


I have been putting labels on CD-R discs for about 8 years and have burned probably in excess of 5,000 discs. I have never had any problems with this. I have used Kprobe to check newly created disc and checked them 3 or 4 years later without any change in the errors reported. I have never had a disc “burst into flames” or peel. I use the Stomper Pro kit to apply the labels and do not worry about imbalance. Although I have been doing this without any problems, it may or may not be a good idea. If you consider the mechanics of a disc in any reader they are not designed to handle a disc that has been modified. I recently purchased an Epson R200 printer to print directly onto a CD/DVD disc. To me, the introduction of ink onto the disc could also cause an imbalance. To each his own. I think the main thing is the proper care of the disc. Check this story on the reliability of discs. If you want labels on your disc, I say go for it.


Although I never put labels on my disks, I have put some on some presentation disks I have made with small mpegs or autoplay powerpoint presentations on them using Cd Stomper labels. I have been using the plain ones (no gloss) and they worked fine. I did try the gloss ones and found that I could hear the disks actually making a scraping noise ? I guess because of the thickness of them.I’m sure the weight of them can’t be good for the drive. Needless to say I did not nmake too many of them. Like I said as for my disks I don’t think it is worth it. I’m happy with a nice jewel case insert.:slight_smile:


my experience is that labled disks are working good in normal sized standalones, but ther are many problems in slim or ultra slim ones. in most cases is the problem caused by local overheating.


CD Freaks has written a news item on the negative effects of labels.