Sticker label on silver lacquer

will putting sticker label be ok to put on a silver lacquer disc cause i hear these disc are very thin? will sticking it on a white printable disc be better cause of the extra coating or will it have the same effect as the silver lacquer disc??

Labels are a no-no and have caused problems for many people, they’re best avoided regardless of the disc surface.

And even the silver topped DVDs have a similar amount of protection to your average DVD, all DVDs have a protective top layer, silver discs included (CDs are a different story and some CDs have very fragile top surfaces).

P.S. - for both this thread and your previous one, your questions would be answered if you had checked the ‘read first’ threads relating to TY media and disc labels, both at the top of this forum. :wink:

totally agree with scoobiedoobie

would never use labels on DVD’s