Stick with the media you know?


UK post, media bought in the UK.
Maybe obvious, ran out of Emtec DVD-R 8x certified and thought all DVD-R would be OK, buy brand name.
Bought a spindle of Maxell DVD-R 1-8 Speed and I can safely say they are junk… or to be fair don’t work reliably with my setup.

Typically backed up a movie, and the DVD copy would freeze, sometimes straight away, sometimes, half way through.

Sometimes also copied data, and data readable on some DVD’s and not on others… most annoying when you need the data.

Went back to Emtec and never had a problem since.

Hardware: Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1213S. Software: old version of Nero 6(had problems when upgrading to newer Nero), DVDShrink and DVD-Region+CSS Free

Main question when I run out of Emtecs should I search high and low for the same again…

Is this a typical problem… :rolleyes:

Hey Melch, read the “Read Me 1st section”

New forum members ! Honestly… :doh:

A: This can become a long and fiery debate. Everyone has a preference for a certain brand, certain dye type, etc., etc. There is no such thing as a list of “good” or “bad” media. There is no good or bad dye type. It’s the combination of drive, media and burn speed that makes or breaks a disc. The manufacturer of the discs can take a good dye and make it bad, and vice versa. The plastic disc that the media is constructed on must be perfectly flat in order to proved a smooth reflective surface for the dye, and the list of things that go into a “good disc” continues. As burn speeds increase, we are rapidly reaching the end of the possibilities for media, at least at it’s current prices. So, a good disc is one that works for you in a reliable way. You have to test the media in your own drive to know.

I think you got Ritek G05s which indeed do suck.
Emtec is not a very high quality brand either. You should buy Verbatim, Plextor or maybe TDK if you can get it for a reasonable price :wink:


Ritek G05s

How do I know ? Some sort of test. They are badged as Maxell. The only code I can see is J4-08A03504039385F03…

Verbatim seem to get a thumbs up. Any one I shoulr try or is any Verbatim DVD-R OK… (never tried a DVD+R)
The Imation DVD+RW’s I have seem OK…

Cost is not a major issue (they all seem a similar price) but when you burn data to a DVD to take with you, you get their and can’t read half of it, it could cost BIGTIME… :a :a


That code is Ritek.
You can identify the real manufacturer with DVD Identifier.
But keep in mind that those manufacturer codes CAN be faked, so beware of very cheap specials…

Imation is using mostly lower-grade CMC (Taiwan) and Moser Baer (India) media which is very variable in quality. If you can get your hands on some Made in Luxembourg Imations then your lucky. If not better avoid those.

Verbatim is also getting stuff from CMC and MBI but high-quality ones.


Humm very sneeky, I’ll try that util when I can get it (Forum keeps timing out)


Well I have DVD Identifier 4.3.0

The Emtecs come up as…

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:MCC 02RG20 ]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [MCC 02RG20 ]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

The Maxell :

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:RITEKG05]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Ritek Corp.]
Manufacturer ID : [RITEKG05]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4.71 GB (4.38 GiB)]

You do know your stuff !

The Imation DVD-RW are

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+RW:RICOHJPN-W11-001]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+RW] - [DVD+RW]
Manufacturer Name : [Ricoh Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [RICOHJPN]
Media Type ID : [W11]
Product Revision : [001]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4.70 GB (4.38 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 1.6x-4x]

Question is I guess how do you check when you buy… I can just see the supplier letting me Ideintify one 1st.

Is there a list of Good Identified DVD’s on Cdfreeks somewhere ?

So out of the 3 Verbatim, Plextor or TDK what would you go for ?

I could get :

TDK : Lead In Code TTH01
Verbatim : Lead In Code MCC 02RG20

Do Lead In Codes mean much to you ?

Generally Verbatim are considered the second best discs after Taiyo Yudens. The lead in code or MID as we call it is used by the drives firmware to determine the write stratagy for the disc. For this reason some less scrupulous producers will fake the MID to gain compatability where they wouldn’t have it before. I personally would go for the Verbs.

The read me seems to be out of date as yes there are good and bad discs and yes good and bad dyes. G05 is known to be one of the bad dyes around, great initial burn but fast degredation becoming unreadable in as little as 6 months. Though it is correct in the media, drive and firmware info.

Most of the time you can’t tell when you are buying what a MID will be. Verb 16x will always be MCC. Though you will be hard pushed to find MCC02 as if my memory is correct that is an 8x disc and Verb no longer produce there own 8x they outsource to the likes of Ritek, this is because Verb now only produce their own 16x.

Can you shop on line? If so try these two places as they list the MID of the media as well in the info:


Can I shop on-line - OH YES :wink:

So I could go for : Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD-R - Tub 100
Info: TYG03

Or maybe…

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R - Caketub 100
Info: TYG02

Or Verbatim’s badged Taiyo ADVDInfo: YUDEN000T03
Verbatim (Taiyo Yuden) Silver-Topped (16x) DVD+R
Never tried DVD+R…

Better than Verbatims ? Shame I can’t order just say 2 of each to test 1st, as that seems to be the general best tip… finger hovering over the order button :wink:

FYI I have a Lite-On drive SOHW-1213S


These contain one of Verb and TYs, but these are 16x I couldn’t find sample packs in the 8x. As to what would wrk with your drive someone with Lite-On experience would have to answer that one as I have none with that drive.

The more I investigate I have found (recomended by EvilBoy)
Plextor - made by TAIYO YUDEN
Verbatim - made by TAIYO YUDEN
and of course own brand TAIYO YUDEN

Seems a pattern emerging here… :rolleyes:

TAIYO YUDEN ? The No1 choice ?? :bigsmile:

Comments ?

You will be pushed to find TY Verbs in this country mate.

What about ?


BTW - Just looked and the latest DVD burners are cheap at SVP ! Maybe time to upgrade… recomendations ? for best, quickest, more reliable ?

You bet he does. :iagree:

IMO better stick with 8X discs with your hardware. T03 is good, but firmwares are not fully compatible with it yet, so an old burner… :confused:

An excellent choice at SVP are the TDK 8X +R. Also they carry the unbranded Taiyo Yuden, sadly the +R 8X (best choice) are sold in their printable version only, slightly more expensive. I think they carry the -R 8X (TYG02) in non-printable version, and these are excellent discs too.

For TY, though, you’ll have to buy 100-discs packs… so if you feel uncomfortable with this, give the TDK a try :wink: - if you have any problem, SVP will exchange the discs (greatest customer service that I know).

Good luck :slight_smile:

P.S. Don’t forget to update your firmware (if there is a newer one) :wink:

Depends on your needs.
If you need high quality burns or speedy burns (16x Z-CLV!) or copy irregular media go for LG.
If you want to try all kinds of media go Benq.
If you need disc quality scan try LiteOn or Benq, or even better Plextor.

By the way, Taiyo Yuden’s own brand is called That’s, but it’s only available in Japan, Korea and Greece.
Normal MCC Verbatims made in Taiwan are ok too, usually Made in Japan media (TY, Maxell, TDK, Matsushita) is better than Made in Taiwan media though.

Franck beat me to it on the speed, as I have read that the TY 16x aren’t living upto expectations yet. Though as Franck has said most probably firmware issues. We will see which it is when TY finally go over to only producing 16x and firmwares are fully updated. Personally I can’t comment on TYs as I have neve used them, I can’t shop online.

If you see the two links in my post they do sample packs for the 16x which contain TYs I chccked the slower media sample packs and none say they contain TYs. But they’re cheep enough to try and see if 16x works okay on your drive.

Now on drives that can be a firey debate as each has it’s proponents. Unfortunately my knowledge of drives is not as good as others I have only used two manufacturers in my time with DVD burning NEC, which I have experience of since the 1300 and BenQ/Philips which is a 1640 and I am still playing with it to see what I can do. I have read BenQ and NEC though are the better drive manufacturers, though NEC doesn’t do full QS.

Pioneer deliver great burns, too.

My personal choices would be LG or Pioneer…though I’ve heard (read) that BenQs can be very good also.

Hehe, Jay, the drive debate can indeed be a fiery one! :bigsmile:

For quality scanning, go for LiteOn or BenQ.

And I find Plextor-branded TY (+R, YUDEN000 T03) perform very well @ 12x (again, on an LG drive). I tend to like 8x +R (YUDEN000 T02), when I can find them!

Just my thoughts :wink:

OT: And I guess the OP likes Blackadder :bigsmile: