Stick to what ive got or go for the Pio 111?

Ok, I’ve read the reviews, but thing is Ive got a BenQ 1650 that I cant write MKM 001 media with with at 4x because i get problems, and with my external Sony DRX-800UL, i cant burn at over 4x. I get these sort of results when burning with my sony drive at 4x;

Does the Pio 111 burn better at 4x? If I can get 90% QS scores with the Pio when burning MKM 001 at 8x then that would be amazing :iagree: Should I scan with Kprobe to get a better idea of a comparison between the sony and the Pio for DL media writing?

I’ve got about 100 Taiyo dvd discs ive bought. Does the Pio do as well with Taiyo as the BenQ 1650 or does it prefer MCC media over Taiyo?

Any help would be appreciated.

Could someone also tell me if Pio drives are more sensitive to PSU than other drives as I would be using a Pentium 3 piece of poo to write my DL discs. :confused:

The PSU quality and reliability is a big factor when burning media, especially dvd media.

BTW, have you seen the 111 review?

Yeah it looked good, I am just worried that if I get the 111 I will end up having something I already have, a 2.4x burner. I cant burn higher than that with my BenQ without MKM 003 which is a waste of money when there are drives that can burn that media at 8x. To avoid PSU problems would it be easier to get a caddy for it which is powered from the mains? Would you get the same burn results (for DL burning MKM 001 at 8x) as if you were working with a computer with a very good PSU?

Is it easy to upgrade PSU?? I was thinking of getting this one;
Even if I get a better PSU, i might be lacking ram or just sheer read speed of the comps hdd(even though the 1650 can write SL media at 12x. :confused:

There are not a lot of responses because most people here avoid DL media because of cost and burn quality. Pioneers are not particularily sensitive to power supply, but if your PS is low quality, very lfew burners will tolerate that.

What is your TY? There are differences.

The Antec PSU are excellent, i use them in both my PC’s.
A Truepower 550Watt in my review PC and a Truepower 480watt in my 2nd PC. They are expensive, but IMO are worth the extra cost.
The DVR-111 is also an excellent burner IMO.

@chas; Ive got TYGO2 full face printable discs from SPV.

@ Dee; will a good PSU do alot of difference to the burn quality even with the sheisse computer ive got here??

I am planning on getting the OEM version from SPV, its been mentioned before that OEMs might not get as thourough a quality control, should I worry about OEM or Retail or just get the OEM from spv?

The BenQ 1650 should burn the TYG02 just fine, based on what I see with my 1655. The PIF totals are high but the PIF are very good. The Pioneer 111 has a little lower PIE total but the two are both very good. The only burner I have found that is better is the NEC 4570. Stick to 8X.

It’s always hard to say, as there are so many factors in getting good write quality.
A bad PSU will certainly cause bad burns though.

RE OEM vs retail. All the Pioneer drives i have had for review have been bulk/OEM drives. The DVR-110 and 110D were made in Japan units, the DVR-111 made in China. They have all burned very well.

SVP’s TY media in my experience has always been good quality.

I aggree with you Chas, the 1650 does burn SL media very well. I would like a second drive that burns as well, but that can burn mkm 001 at 8x, as opposed to having to wait 27 minutes for the burn to finish. Ive been looking to see if theres a retail version of this drive around, i cant see it, is it under a different name???

What drive do you mean? Also, your problem is that MKM 001 is 2.4. Clearly it is crap at 4X and there is no way you will get anything other than melted plastic at 8X. If you want 8X, get MKM 003.

Chas I have had very good luck with MKM 001 media and it burns at 8x on my pioneer. I have found that scans on DL media are very unreliable. My 1693 tells me the quality is 0 my pioneer stops at the layer change my nec shows a good scan tell the layer change than gets good again after. I have burned about 4 DL disks now and they all play perfectly on every dvd player I have.

I was referring to the Pioneer drive in the review writing MKM 001 at 8x and getting max 4PIF. I think if i get these sort of scans when burning with my sony, that surely i should get something thats playable in a standalone with 8x burning? Or is that just wishfull thinking?

That is from a drx-800ul, same as what ohwell has i think (a liteon?) and if that burner is older than this pioneer, surely i’ll get something thats playable in a standalone wit 8x on the pioneer?

Would be playable, depending on the standalone model/quality.
But I would stick to 6x max with MKM001.

I’ve gone off Antec I don’t know if the rumors are true about lower quality on the units supplied with cases (430W TP), but the first one blew up and I never did get to the bottom of how my old PC failed and why the 3.3V pins on the connector were slightly toasted.

Bought a 600W Seasonic this time supposedly lowest ripple.

Your PC is from an era where SCSI was king for CD burners its just too slow imo. Can you not stick to using the laptop?

should I just get the OEM Pio for £32 or wait for the Retail version? The firmware will be better by then also wont it?

Get the cheap one unless you need the extra software!

I heard chef say that the retail versions had better housings, aside from the nero cd you get is the housing really worth the extra?

Probably not really, only for the freaks that like stylish drives the most. :wink:

lol :)so they arent any louder than my 1650 or external drx-800ul :bigsmile: