Steven Seagal says FBI probe ruined career

LOS ANGELES - Steven Seagal, whose action movies once were major box-office attractions, believes false allegations by FBI agents ruined his career, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday.


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So I’m guessing his mediocre acting and making the same movies over and over again had nothing to do with his ruined career? :stuck_out_tongue:

In the US, everybody has been raised to blame someone else for everything that goes wrong. Its part of our failed Great Society policy to absolve everyone of any responsibility for their own life.

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Thanks Wobble, :slight_smile:

The old lady and the hot coffee comes to mind.

You also forgot about wife beater, I just though this was kind of funny. :bigsmile:

The old lady and the hot coffee comes to mind.

I bet McDonald’s still loves that one.

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Awww … that’s not fair.
They changed the characters names.

It’s like a university Computer Science assignment … change the variable names and it’s all good :

Well said Wise words from a wise man !
[B]Wisdom [/B] = is often considered to be a trait that can be developed by experience, but not taught. As such, in general, wisdom is looked at his/her ideals and principles that govern all actions and decisions. Applications of personal wisdom include one’s ethical and social guidelines in life that determines one’s unique style of personality. :slight_smile:

Steven Seagal just got to old to play the same action movies over and over.

yes, i lost interest along time ago after on Deadly Ground (1994)

this is very surprising to myself, IMDB Steven Seagal

i didnt even think he still made movies!! Little lone new ones this and next year!