Steve Jobs wants Hollywood to boycott HD-DVD

I just posted the article Steve Jobs wants Hollywood to boycott HD-DVD.

Androlight used our    news submit  to tell us "Pirate proof??? Nothing is pirate proof. If you can view it, you can record it. It's sad to watch how the entertainment buisness wastes their money...
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Well, they better hurry. We are testing HD-DVD rewriteable at work already:g

hmm…waiting for a pirate proof format…guess we won’t see anymore releases of movies then.

Biased from his own greed with Pixar. Burn.

Steve Jobs A “True Democrat” ! :d

Steve Jobs a true nob head…

I think he’s getting senile in his old age.

wtf!!! lol i think people at apple must be in a dream state… lol first they launch a service that kills the sales of phisycal cd’s ( brick and mortar shops… now they want to stop tech ?? lol sorry man has anyone looking into apples sales? not very good on g5’s man low sales… but look at pixar!!! now wonder this fool wants to stop HD-DVD i am sorry man i am tired of this crap DV cams it is a joke !! bring out the new tech and let consumers decide on it … only a few companies are finally taking a stand against the big corps// we had firewire for years… why no audio interfaces for a cheap price?? interesting … music industry dont want you to record at home and home made studios… more control… look at video equipment… only JVC came out with an HD cam for consumers?? where is a sony one? funny … i have the money so bring out the damn products… DO IT LIKE EUROPE dont hide your products in a closet… Companies who should be commended for fighting for consumers… JVC Edirol

ANSWER:a real boner QUESTION:what is steve jobs :B

Laughing out loud. (That comment was so funny, I took the time to write out LOL.)

you can have your limited-life, unreliable HD recorder. Some of us prefer to have archives of raw unedited footage on a cheap, reliable format to go back to and not spend a fortune backing up on other media (if we ever wanna go back and re-edit the footage) :g

:g damn nicely done lol LMAO!!!

lol, you love having it on a format that ages poorly, and loses quality with every copy you make? I prefer digital. Where the 100th copy looks just like the first, and can easily be edited without going through a conversion process. That HD cam is the best you can do right now.

(mini)DV is digital…

Mr. Jobs was and remains a putz. Remember, this is the same guy FIRED from Apple by the board of directors when he refused to open the Mac up, thus costing his company untold millions in revenue and market share. This is also the putz who claimed that useless little personal transport mechanism would be “the next big thing”. Finally, this is the same putz who would have you pay a buck a song online for lossy content when the full CD of lossless content in the store costs the same. Yes, he had ONE vision that was successful, albeit one that borrowed heavily from Xerox Parc. However, I think we’re all bettre off ignoring Mr. Jobs.
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The powers that be did’nt want the radio either. They thought It would make them lose ticket sales. I don’t use CDs any more and now Velvet Revolver won’t give good rips (yet). BTW, that article could use a spell checker.

Velvet Revolver won’t give good rips? You’re kidding right? Have a look at the pertinent thread - you’ll find it’s already broekn and disseminated on Bit Torrent, usenet and other transport mediums. Read my lips: There Is Nothing These Pinheads Can Develope That Cannot Be Cracked. Period.