Steve Jobs Taking Medical Leave From Apple

Article courtesy of WebMD.

Jan. 14, 2009 – Steve Jobs today announced that he is taking a medical leave of absence until the end of June from his role as Apple’s chief executive officer in order to focus on his health.

In a brief letter posted on Apple’s web site, Jobs states that “during the past week I have learned that my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought.” The letter doesn’t provide any details about Jobs’ health.

On Jan. 5, Jobs posted a note saying that he was being treated for a “hormonal imbalance.” And neither letter refers to the pancreatic tumor that Jobs had surgically removed in 2004. Jobs has previously said that that tumor was a very rare form of pancreatic cancer called an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor.

In today’s letter, Jobs states that “the curiosity over my personal health continues to be a distraction not only for me and my family, but for everyone else at Apple as well” and that he’s taking the medical leave “in order to take myself out of the limelight and focus on my health, and to allow everyone at Apple to focus on delivering extraordinary products.”

Going to Apple everyday isn’t keeping the doctor away. He should be was his family. He’s done enough in the computer world, he place is history is deservedly well secured… I am not an Apple fan but it is no doubt that Apple has forced Microsoft to make a better product. People are so fanatical about Apple’s it seems that this same fanatics aren’t giving the guy a break. I wish him the best of health and peace of mind. I wish people would just leave him alone. Peace and happiness to you Steve Jobs.

Jobs understand that Apple will likely suffer if he truly takes a leave of absence from the company. Jobs is the ring leader of the Apple cult, and IMO needs him to deliver keynotes, be a marketing genius, and continue to work that magic…

Not if it kills him. I have had 3 near death experiences in my life. The last one was last January. It’s your family you wish you had more time with. If Apple suffers, then so be it.

Zathros: Fair enough point. I guess I’m just too young and naive (and without a family), so it’s very difficult for me to understand what he’s going through at the moment.

Regardless of my thoughts on Apple, I do wish Jobs the best as he looks to get some well deserved rest. I may not like the company much, but I respect the work Jobs has done to make Apple what it is today.

I just read they may be removing his entire pancreas which means he will be like a a full blow diabetic. It will be hard for him. I think his days are numbered. They are for all of us. He’s only a year older than me.
Family’s are great, special you immediate family created with someone you love.