Stereo music CD still king as DVD-A and SACD gain acceptance



I just posted the article Stereo music CD still king as DVD-A and SACD gain acceptance.

The RIAA has released some year end sales statistics for 2003, that reveal what
is hot in optical content and what isn’t doing as well. These numbers
indicate that even when faced…

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What happend to HD-CDs, does anyone still care about thoses?


If they released some good music on DVDA or SACD it wouldn’t do so badly. Where on earth is the Chili Peppers on SACD or DVDA?


The Peter Hart Research mentioned at the end, which seemed to indicate that there is a significant increase in market share for DVD-Audio, is believed by some to be in error due to survery respondants erroneously believing that “DVD audio” meant concert DVDs and music video DVDs. And DiscMan, I’m with you on this one. Where on earth is U2 on SACD? The dust on the SACD bin at Best Buy is a shame, but it is to be expected when the only titles released are moldy oldies.


I COULD SAY A THOUSAND THINGS ABOUT THIS------but i will say this: 384kbps audio…yummy…


OK, everyone who wants to re-buy their music AGAIN, raise your hands. That’s what I thought. :stuck_out_tongue: