Steps to copy DVD movies



I just bought a nec 2500a and 100 ritek g04s from shop4tech.
I have a few original DVDs that i want to make a backup of.

Plzzz advise me of steps involved.They are all DVD 9 discs.I want to make them region free.
Plzz advice on programs involved and fw to use fro nec 2500 to remove riplock and make g04 quality better.



Free solution:

[ol][li]Download DVD Decrypter, rip your DVDs using the File Mode.
[/li][li]Download DVD Shrink to re-author and/or compress the ripped DVD files.
[/li][li]Burn the re-authored DVD files with DVD Decrypter, Nero, CloneDVD or any other software of your choice[/ol]There are a lot of ways to back-up your DVDs. Software you can use are CopyToDVD by VSO, CloneDVD by Elby and much much more. I suggest you read through some of the threads on this forum since your question has been asked and answered many times before. Good luck.
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Here’s a question.

Why do you need DVD Decrypter when DVD Shrink will decrypt as well.

I used to backup with the above mentioned procedure, but once I discovered DVD Shrink would decrypt the DVD’s I stopped using DVD Decrypter as it used quite a bit of hard drive space.