Steps to change DRU-720A firmware



hi, i’m new here. can someone help in step by step what i should do to flash Sony DRU-720A? thanks

p/s if this kind of thread already existed, pls point me to one. thanks.



thanks…but do i need to need any kind of backup 1st? just in case if it fails…


If all you want to do is update your firmware to the latest version, there’s little risk in downloading the appropriate file from the link above, unzipping it and running the flash tool. Make sure there’s no disc inside and you select the correct drive, should you have more than one in your PC.

If on the other hand you’re considering “crossflashing” to Lite-On firmware, I suggest you use Search and read the FAQ’s and stickies in this forum extensively. It’s all been written down before. That’s how I learned anyway.