Steps on How To Backup Xbox Discs?



I’ve searched, I’ve tried the Recordnow Max 4.5 with the DLL crap, and all that came out was a disc that displayed “put in the Xbox disc” in various languages when I popped it in my burned Splinter Cell disc. Also, I noticed the bitsetting was DVD-R, not DVD-ROM for the burned disc. How do I set it to DVD-ROM? Is this my problem? Also, I checked the size of the burned SC disc, and it burned 13~MB’s, so obviously something went wrong.

Basically, I just want to know how to backup my Xbox games with my Pioneer DVR-109 drive, and what programs I would need to use.

Below are some facts/questions…

  • I have a Pioneer DVR-109 w/FW 1.50 for the 109.
  • I’m using Memorex DVD-R’s (tested on CD-DVD Speed, came out GGGREAT, but I can’t check Disc Quality - I get an error. Help???) The Star Wars AOTC disc worked great in my Xbox. Good burn, good media.
  • I tried doing the DLL thing for Recordnow Max, but the directions that were on sucked IMO; I probably screwed it up. Clearer directions would be appreciated.
  • Whats up with this bitsetting stuff? How do I change it to make it compatible with my Xbox and games? I copied my Star Wars AOTC DVD with DVD Decrypter and DVDClone2 and it worked fine with my Xbox (I screwed up the menu stuff though, I’m a complete NOOB to DVD recording.) I checked the booktype/bitsetting thing for the Star Wars disc and it showed the burned disc was DVD-R, but it still worked with my Xbox (w/Thompson drive I believe, the mid-range one, not the old or new one.) Is this normal for the Thompson drive?


Oops, I believe I have the Philips drive.


no consumer dvd product can fully read an xbox game


Yea, that’s what I’ve been gathering. The only way to backup your Xbox games is to mod your Xbox, setup an FTP client server thing (Craxtion), and transfer it to your PC, and burn the ISO to a disc.

Hmmm. Dang. Maybe future software can make backing up your Xbox titles a reality, even though Windows can’t read the disc’s file system??? I dunno. Just gotta be careful for now I guess.


dvd+r dont work in xbox thay cant read them , and try here for xbox stuff for help or

also you can not copy orig`s you have to alter the games code before you write the image to a blank.

also you can get a tool to read xbox games on the pc but like i said thay still will not work without patching them and you alos need a chiped xbox