Steps in Connecting Satellite Receiver to Multiple TV



In connecting a satellite receiver to multiple televisions, you will need the following: satellite dish with multiple tuners, satellite receiver for each television, coaxial cable, and a satellite signal splitter.

Connect the first coaxial cable from your satellite dish which has a multiple tuner feature to the IN port on the back of your satellite receiver. If you use a single tuner satellite dish, all of the television set will have the same channel.

Attach the second coaxial cable on your satellite receiver’s OUT port. You will use this for your second satellite receiver to receive a signal from your satellite dish.

Now, get the other end of the second coaxial cable and connect it to the IN port of your satellite signal splitter. The signal splitter is used to split the receiving signals from the first satellite receiver to the second satellite receiver.

Get the third coaxial cable and connect it in to one of the OUT port of the signal splitter then attach the other end of your coaxial cable to the IN port of your second receiver which is connected to your television set.

Repeat the steps for the other remaining television sets in the other room.

NOTE: Call your satellite TV provider and ask for an additional satellite receiver because if you don’t have a satellite receiver on each of your television set, you will receive the same channel as with your first receiver. When you switch channel on the first receiver, the other television set will be switched as well.

Do you have any tips in connecting a satellite receiver to multiple tv?

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